Top 20 NuGet nosql Packages

The Authorization Bundle extend RavenDB and add document level permissions. The Auth Bundle allows to define permissions for a specific user, a group or using arbitrary tagging. The system is design to be high performance, scalable and flexible.
This bundle aims to allow the user to implement unique constraints in the objects (usefull for properties like email or social security number).
RavenDB 'Authorization' bundle client extend RavenDB and add document level permissions.
SisoDb is a schemaless document-oriented provider for SQL-Server. Using JSON and key-value storage, it lets you persist object graphs without specifying any mappings or extending any base classes interfaces etc. It lets you perform queries against SQL-server, using lambda expressions. It syncs schem...
The cascade delete bundle allows for a specified set of documents and attachments to be deleted when the document that owns it is deleted. Typical usage scenarios include deleting an attachment that is referenced by a document or removing a set of child documents referenced by a parent document.
Libmongocrypt wrapper for the .NET driver.
Use this package if you want to run RavenDB as a standalone application. This package is not intented to be used in Visual Studio. RavenDB is a document database for the .NET platform, offering a flexible data model design to fit the needs of real world systems.
A tiny polyglot component to help POCO objects work with both NoSQL and SQL databases at the same time on .NET Standard 2.x/.NET Core 2.x+
Raven Migrations is a migration framework for RavenDB to help with updates to your database objects.
StackExchange.Redis.Extensions is a library that extends StackExchange.Redis allowing you a set of functionality needed by common applications. To store complex data It requires one of the following implementations: - StackExchange.Redis.Extensions.Newtonsoft - StackExchang...
This client library enables client applications to connect to Azure Cosmos DB via the SQL API. Azure Cosmos DB is a globally distributed, multi-model database service. For more information, refer to
The official Language Integrated Query (LINQ) provider for querying Couchbase Server with N1QL using the Couchbase .NET 2.6 SDK.
A data access library for MongoDB with an elegant api, LINQ support and built-in entity relationship management.
Package Description
A tiny polyglot component to help POCO objects work with both NoSQL and SQL databases at the same time on .NET Standard 2.x/.NET Core 2.x+
eeCLOUD is a library that allows you to manage the DB automatically using a NoSQL approach by creating a new DB for each new Application and the memory objects inside it will correspond to the tables. By saving elements like JSON you can take advantage of different methods that allow you to work dir...
A .NET Standard driver for CouchDB.
A key value store based on radix tree
Dependency injection utilities for CouchDB.NET