Top 20 NuGet nodejs Packages

Typescript compiler for Node Assets
Start, stop and monitor a node.js server from a .NET application
A logging library that sends log to an http server. you can download the server code from
Package manager for nodejs.
A complete frontend toolchain in a single Nuget package
A complete frontend toolchain in a single Nuget package
Allowes to access files through HTTP. Runs under Node.js
This package contains a controller and views (in C#) to generate Javascript client code for your ASP.NET Web API. The package installs a ClientController and Client views.
nbind is a set of headers that make your C++11 library accessible from JavaScript. With a single #include statement, your C++ compiler generates the necessary bindings without any additional tools. Your library is then usable as a Node.js addon or, if compiled to asm.js with Emscripten, directly in ...
This package provides all native binaries and internal scripts needed to run Edge.js. This package copies the 'edge' folder to the build directory and creates a link in the project root to make debugging possible.