Top 20 NuGet natural Packages

This project is a merge of several common DateTime operations on the form of extensions to System.DateTime, including natural date difference text (precise and human rounded), holidays and working days calculations on several culture locales. Feedback will be much appreciated.
Catalyst is a Natural Language Processing library built from scratch for speed. Inspired by spaCy's design, it brings pre-trained models, out-of-the box support for training word and document embeddings, and flexible entity recognition models. You can install language-specific models with the model ...
This is a .NET Core version of the natural language date/time parser ported from Ruby by Robert Wilczynski
Contains Snowball language stemmers for C#/.NET. This package is part of the Accord.NET Framework.
Enlighten is a set of tools to help with natural language processing.
Extensions for sorting strings using natural sort order i.e. Alphabetical order for humans.
Library provides simple programming interface for making text and voice requests to the API.AI service.
Natural Sort (natural-sort) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
A natural language date parser for .Net Standard. A port of Ruby's Chronic.
Provides additional collection classes and extensions.
Provides additional MSBuild tasks.
Port of OpenNLP that targets .NET Standard 2.0 - C# port of the Java OpenNLP tools retrieved from
A natural language date parser for .Net. A port of Ruby's chronic.
A natural language date parser for .Net. A port of Ruby's chronic.
.Net (C#) Binding for Rosette API
Port of University of Aberdeen's SimpleNLG to C# and .NET
Compare for string to sort by number in string (as windows explorer do)
Integration for Catalyst to run spaCy models from C#.
C# port of the Java OpenNLP tools retrieved from (it's not mine!)
Software for corpus linguists and text/data mining enthusiasts. The CorpusExplorer combines over 45 interactive visualizations under a user-friendly interface. Routine tasks such as text acquisition, cleaning or tagging are completely automated. The simple interface supports the use in university te...