Top 20 NuGet mysql Packages

Shaolinq is a thoughtfully designed ORM and Linq provider for .NET Use this package to add Shaolinq and out-of-the-box MySql support. Designed to perform super fast and be easy to use, Shaolinq's features also include: - First class schema-first ORM with WYSIWYG data access and minipu...
.NET SQLServer Data Access, Object Relational Mapper and Caching Library
A client for mysql for .net standard, using mysql connector
Hangfire's mysql storage.
MySql.Data.MySqlClient .Net Core Class Library
Simple Query. ORM Very Easy to use. All CRUD operations. Dapper and ORM in the same place
ORM and LINQ Provider. Features: Auto Mapping, Generate Classes from Tables, Generate Tables from Classes, Synchronize Classes to Tables, Generic ADO.NET Wrapper, LINQ Provider support for SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, VistaDB, Firebird, SQLite, and Microsoft Access.
Database adapter. In that version only for mysql but it should give a single inteface for all databases.
MySQL implementation of the RevStack Repository Pattern.
Dapper-based fluent library to simplify MySql data access.
An Insight.Database provider for MySQL so the two can play together nicely. Automatically installs MySqlConnector driver.
This is an implementation of the message store used for decoupled invocation of commands by Paramore.Brighter, using MySql
Represents a connection to My SQL database for FastReport.Net.
A high performance and powerful ORM framework supporting SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Sqlite, SqlCE etc..
Fast Bulk insert extension for MySql using EntityFramework 6
MySQL database provider for OpenCQRS domain store.
Yari for MySql databases. Easily execute mysql stored procedures and functions from the browser; just deploying a single method Web.API service. Also useful to create a Data Access Layer for mysql in any .net core application
In memory database provider for OpenCQRS domain store.
Represents a connection to My SQL database for FastReport.Net.