Top 20 NuGet mvc Packages

Package provides functionality to build GridView based on your model items collection. Grid.Mvc support sorting and paging your data. Filtering is not supported yet.
An inline calendar display HTML Helper for ASP.Net MVC
A paged list helper for ASP.NET MVC with filter and order functionalities
A grammatically correct, flexible alternative to String.Format and .NET resource files. Localize your MVC.NET solutions without touching code.
ASP.NET MVC Multi Language
SSW Health Check extension for SQL Deploy tool. To contribute visit
Package description
Northwind Starter Kit
Northwind Starter Kit VIsual Basic
Extension for NancyFx
Asp.Net Identity management dashboard to help you manage user accounts and roles
A totally unsupported way validate the cache based on an application release number. Works on my machine.
Easily add a chat widget to your ASP.NET MVC application to allow your users to contact you though HipChat.
Bootstrap for MVC.
Simple MVC custom html helpers (for use in training)
Validation Summary Html Helper for MVC 5 using a bootstrap theme.
Converts the rows of a bidimensional-array to a list of unidimensional-arrays
Lightweight AJAX Framework.