Top 20 NuGet mvc Packages

This library provides some "tools" for dealing with authentication like MVC attributes to add another authentication factor when accessing specific MVC actions. The purpose of this project is to provide tools for an MVC application developer to ease some tasks in the field of authentication and auth...
Use FlatFiles to generate MVC ActionResults.
Logs the execution time for ASP.NET MVC Action methods
SSW Health Check extension for Sql Verify framework. To contribute visit
Painless integration of ELMAH functionality into ASP.NET MVC Application. Just drop the package inside you ASP.NET MVC application and access /elmah URL. It will also install global HandleError filter, that guarantees all unhandled errors is logged (even if customerError turned "On").
Owin hosting provider for Liara Framework
Razor ViewEngines with Theme support for new or existing ASP.NET MVC 4 application
Extended Validation extends MVC validation to support server side and client side validations of Greater Than, Less Than, Not Equal To, etc. for various data types including DateTime, string, int, long. Ex: In your model define - [Display(Name="Start Date")] public DateTime Startdate { get; set; ...
SwissKnife.Web is a lightweight, well-documented and well-tested .NET class library made to simplify the usage of the ASP.NET MVC framework. It contains various strongly-typed HTML and URL helpers together with extensions for strongly-typed route definition and manipulation.
Web Hooks for Roustabout.Inject
Small library to help unit testing ASP MVC 3.0 routes. Uses latest Moq library version.
simple route table for MVC WebSockets support for MVC
Asp.Net Mvc factories for Cortoxa Framework
Turn a basic C# MVC application in a responsive, ajax based web application
Generic admin panel for ASP.NET MVC. You should intall Ilaro.Admin.Unity or Ilaro.Admin.Ninject, depending on which DI you use.
Secure configuration defaults for ASP.NET MVC
A library of core helpers, extensions, constants, enums and other useful things for .NET Web projects.
Better MVC support for Sitecore CMS
Provides ASP.NET MVC helper methods and supporting types for the MicroCms CMS framework
Change RequireJS.NET to use default.js in controller folder