Top 20 NuGet music Packages

A light-weight and easy to use cross-platform audio player for Windows UWP/WPF, Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Android, Xamarin.Mac, Xamarin.tvOS, Tizen and Xamarin.Forms. Load wav and mp3 files from any location including a shared library. Works well for sound effects or music. Multiple instances can be inst...
SoundFingerprinting.Emy is a native C# client for Emy fingerprints storage. It provides ways to insert, query, delete entries from Emy. To learn more about SoundFingerprinting visit github page To learn more about Emy visit
SoundFingerprinting is a C# framework that implements an efficient algorithm of audio fingerprinting and identification. Designed for developers, enthusiasts, researchers in the fields of audio processing, data mining, digital signal processing.
Voice implementation for DSharpPlus.
Library of media components (e.g., WAV file parser, DTMF frequency generator, etc.)
DryWetMIDI is the .NET library to work with MIDI files and MIDI devices. It allows: * Read, write and create Standard MIDI Files (SMF). It is also possible to read RMID files where SMF wrapped to RIFF chunk. * Work with MIDI devices: send/receive MIDI data, play back and record MIDI dat...
An embedded Web Server, based on EmbeddedIO, for Spotify Web API Authorization flows For more infos, visit
A Client for Spotify's Web API, written in .NET For more infos, visit
This is a custome discord bot that was made to just make it easy for end users
This is a custome discord bot that was made to just make it easy for end users. This a full console application
๐ŸŒ‹ - Lavalink wrapper for Discord.NET. Provides more options and performs better than all .NET Lavalink libraries combined.
The primary AudioWorks API. AudioWorks is a cross-platform, multi-format audio conversion and tagging suite.
Package Description
A library aimed at searching, resolving and getting direct links to tracks, playlists or albums in Yandex.Music. Can work without authorization.
A .Net 7digital Music Api wrapper.
Base class library for Manufaktura.Controls. Defines basic concepts of music such as rhythm, intervals, scales, pitches, etc.
Lavalink implementation for DSharpPlus. Lavalink is an easy and lightweight method of streaming audio to Discord.
alphaTab is a cross platform music notation and guitar tablature rendering library.
Flac (Free Lossless Audio Coded) support for NAudio.
.Net Wrapper for un4seen Audio Library.