Top 20 NuGet multitenancy Packages

TinySaas ASP.NET Core extension library
Mutlitenancy library for dotnet standard compatible applications.
MultiTenancyServer core library.
Package Description
SaasKit is a developers toolkit for building SaaS (Software As A Service) applications. Use this package to add multi-tenancy support to ASP.NET Web API.
Woozle is a .NET business application framework which will increase your development speed and helps you to achieve the return on investment faster.
Provides NHibernate-based implementation for the Data Access interfaces in MultiTenancyFramework.Core
MultiTenancyServer Entity Framework Core library.
An Unobtrusive Multitenancy helper for (new or existing) Asp.Net Core project The goal of this project is to add the multitenancy functionality to an ASP.NET Core application (existing or new) without modification (or very little) of code. It's support multitenant DI ,sandbox services, etc...
MultiTenancyServer core library.
Ensurity MultiTenancyServer ASP.NET Core library.
Boot.Multitenancy v.1.6.5 Multitenancy is a NHibernate (ISession) helper for ISessionFactory. Support multiple domains and databases in a single instance. Contains a lot of extensions. Consult project website for more information.
Multitenancy for AspNetCore 2.0 See hompage for full description.
Autofac container support, for the dotnettency Mutlitenancy library for dotnet standard compatible applications.
This project is an extension of nHibernate's ISessionFactory and makes it incredible easy to use multiple sessions within the same application. It's used to define different domains and their databases. Uses MySql as database. Built in model creation.