Top 20 NuGet monodroid Packages

This project allows you to reuse your Visual Studio Unit Tests without modifications in your Mono for Android projects.
Gives MvvmCross multiplatform validation support using existing bindings and attributes.
A simple way to add a page indicator to your Xamarin Android application. A ported version of GreenDroid's ( page indicator. Check out for a quick guide.
This package contains some code to add Babel / Multilanguage capabilities to your MvvmCross app.
[DEPRECTATED] Use Xamarin.Google.Android.Vending.Licensing instead. C# implementation of Google's Android License Verification Library (LVL).
Gives MVVMCross multiplatform validation support using existing bindings and attributes.
Unified Storage provides a unified file IO API for various platforms. It is based on the excellent PCLStorage library. UnifiedStorage tries to make testing your applications easier by providing interfaces for all classes and not using static factories.
Xamarin bindings for AutoscaleEditText
A simple framework publish subscribe framework
MvvmCross is the .NET MVVM framework for cross-platform solutions, including Xamarin iOS, Xamarin Android, Xamarin Forms, Windows and Mac. This package contains the 'AutoView' PCL assemblies for MvvmCross
Binding library of version: 9de3036db
SDK to easily access files from OneDrive within your Android application.
MvvmCross implementation for Sticky Headers List for Android
This package contains the 'DocumentFormat.OpenXml.Droid' plugin. This is not the official version. Packaging from wotzisname's github project.
Standard API to track Users, Screens, Events, Timing, Exceptions, Custom Dimensions and Metrics from PCL.
FoldingCell is an expanding content cell inspired by folding paper material for Xamarin Android
EllipsizeTextView extends TextView for Xamarin Android
It's a flip way to show share widget for Xamarin Android
Default colors and dimens per Material Design guidelines and Android Design guidelines inside one library
WaveSideBar for Xamarin Android