Top 20 NuGet models Packages

model classes for cloudscribe core. you should not normally install this separately, it will be installed if you install cloudscribe.Core.Web
POCOs (Plain old CLR objects) Models for the CoreKraft framework
Library containing classes that map to the CM Voice API.
Models to facilitate implementation and handling successful and error responses in web api.
Release of the conizi semantic models implemented in C#.
Contains probability distributions, statistical models and methods such as Linear and Logistic regression, Hidden Markov Models, (Hidden) Conditional Random Fields, Principal Component Analysis, Partial Least Squares, Discriminant Analysis, Kernel methods and functions and many other related techniq...
Contains the models necessary for the CoffeeCup API Access in NuGet package devdeer.CoffeeCupApiAccess.
Release of the conizi semantic model core library.
Pagination models
Contains models used internally by the Rule Evaluation Engine Validation Framework ValidationRepo.
Contains models used by the Rule Evaluation Engine Validation Framework.
Contains all Contracts and Models used by the consolidated Rule Evaluation Engine validation framework.
ASP.NET component for Inetdev Framework Std. A .NET Framework library for common web requirements.
PangLib.PET is a library that enables handling and parsing of PangYa model (PET) files
Models for the entity designers and T4 templates.
Contains models used by all components of the Rule Evaluation Engine.
Models for HttpClient for TravelService api
Official request and response models for the OpenLab API.
Provides a WPF/MVVM listview control for Windows file system folders and files.
Take control of the data your API returns.