Top 20 NuGet microsoft Packages

The adapter to discover and execute MSTest Framework based tests. Supported platforms: - .NET 4.5.0+ - .NET Core 1.0+ (Universal Windows Apps 10+) (Visual Studio 2017) - ASP.NET Core 1.0+ (Visual Studio 2017)
This is MSTest V2, the evolution of Microsoft's Test Framework. Supported platforms: - .NET 4.5.0+ - .NET Core 1.0+ (Universal Windows Apps 10+, DNX Core 5+) - ASP.NET Core 1.0+ To discover and execute tests install MSTest.TestAdapter. To discover and execute tests for project.json based ...
A supercharged .NET SDK for Azure CosmosDB with ORM support
GELF provider for Microsoft.Extensions.Logging.
NOTE: As of version 9.4.0, this library has been split into multiple parts and replaced: See,,, and https://www.nug...
Plug-In used to define application settings based on Microsoft Extension Configurations.
The Microsoft Test Platform Object Model.
The MSbuild targets and properties for building .NET test projects.
Microsoft Azure Key Vault WebKey Class Library
Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit Libraries, GPU Build
C# client library and examples for using SendGrid API's to send mail and access Web API v3 endpoints with .NET Standard 1.3 and .NET Core support. Github repo located at :
Provides infrastructure for common error handling, tracing, configuration, and HTTP/REST-based pipeline manipulation for REST clients generated with Hyak.
Azure Key Vault enables users to store and use cryptographic keys within the Microsoft Azure environment. Azure Key Vault supports multiple key types and algorithms and enables the use of Hardware Security Modules (HSM) for high value customer keys. In addition, Azure Key Vault allows users to secur...
Testplatform host executes the test using specified adapter.
Provides common error handling, tracing, and HTTP/REST-based pipeline manipulation.
Device SDK for Azure IoT Hub
Provides resource group and resource management (Fluent) capabilities for Microsoft Azure.
Provides management (Fluent) capabilities for Microsoft Azure.