Top 20 NuGet microservices Packages

Silverback is a simple but feature-rich framework to build reactive/event-driven applications or microservices. This package adds the support for Apache Avro and the schema registry on top of Silverback.Integration.Kafka.
A visual designer for the lightweight framework. Using this package you can generate much of the boiler plate code involved in implementing a scalable, enterprise grade CQRS project ready for deployment on-premise or on Azure.
Common library for RestBus clients.
Nanophone Consul registry host
Nanophone Nancy registry tenant
ServiceStack plugin that uses output from ServiceStack.IntroSpec to generate documentation using RAML specification.
Package Description
Communication components for Pip.Services in .NET
Service discovery kit for .NET microservices - Cache
Service discovery kit for .NET microservices - Consul
A container used to host an Orleans Microdot service which uses Ninject for dependency injection. Incoming HTTP calls (via Gigya.Microdot.ServiceProxy) are handled and processed inside Orleans and are then dispatched to specific Grains. Part of the Microdot framework.
Simple library to send Events to Azure EventGrid
Nanophone in-memory registry host
Nanophone extension for eBay fabio
Nanophone aspnetcore application services
Tools to help write tests for Microdot services. The project contains logic for both Orleans and Non-Orleans host testers.
AWS components for Pip.Services in .NET
A .NET Core microservices messaging platform. Please follow the link to our website for more information.
Asynchronous messaging for Pip.Services in .NET
IoC component container for Pip.Services in .NET