Top 20 NuGet microservice Packages

基础通信平台:提供基础数据通信对应的接口和基础实现,如:基础日志,远程调用服务,Event bus,负载均衡算法,数据序列化等
Package Description
Package Description
This is a simple framework to configure logging, security, AAA handshake for all of microservices written in dotnetcore for ForeignTrade project.
An event bus library for .NET and .NET core. This library contains only interfaces, use with it's implemention EventBus.RabbitMQ.
Package Description
MAD.NET Dynamic Extensions
MAD.NET is a simple and high perfoming extension framework for .NET 5.x with a lot of needful features. The hole framework uses the Microsoft.Extensions.DependencyInjection extension to handle the dependency injection on top level of each application. The framework is splitted in...
MAD.NET Linq Extensions
MAD.NET.Data.Cube contracts to create for creating a staging system where the cube containing data is processed in seperate layers.
MAD.NET Collection Extensions
Extensions to provide consistent configurations and patterns for your service.
Extensions to provide consistent configurations and patterns for your service.
HubAnalytics.AspNet4 Class Library
Interface abstractions used by various Microdot components, seperated from their implementations to allow easy unit testing with mocks (see Gigya.Microdot.Fakes). Part of the Microdot Framework.
surging is a distributed micro service framework that provides high-performance RPC remote service calls, using Zookeeper, Consul as the registration center for surging services, integrating hash, random, polling as a load balancing algorithm, RPC integration using the netty framework, Using asynchr...
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