Top 20 NuGet metal Packages

NoesisGUI Apple Metal Render Context
A low-level, hardware-accelerated graphics and compute library for .NET, with backends for Vulkan, Metal, Direct3D 11, OpenGL, and OpenGL ES. Veldrid can be used to create high-performance 2D and 3D games, simulations, tools, and other graphical applications.
ImGui integration for Veldrid. Provides a simple interface for rendering and interacting with ImGui.NET.
ImageSharp integration for Veldrid. Provides functionality for loading GPU Textures with ImageSharp.
Veldrid integration for the SPIRV-Cross native library. Contains functionality to cross-compile SPIR-V bytecode into HLSL, GLSL, ESSL, and MSL shaders for use with Veldrid.
Provides classes which allow developer to model a game or app using a component-based architecture, as well as a default set of cross-platform services to connect every component of each target platform
Provides components, behaviors and drawables, which allow developers to create games or apps reusing a lot of code
Provides a set of classes and structures that define the common types shared between the rest of assemblies.
Provides a camera component for vision-based augmented reality using Vuforia
Provides the integration of Bullet physics component in Wave Engine
Provides a service to support OpenVR platform (Like Oculus Rift, HTC Vive or Valve Index)
Provides a service and set of components that provides Noesis GUI functionality
Provides a service to support Microsoft MixedReality AR system (including Hololens)
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Vulkan 1.0 implementation using Xamarin.Metal
Sample project
Provides an XAudio2 implementation for Wave Engine audio subsystem
Provides the ability to use WPF as a window system
Provides Vulkan rendering implementation for Wave Engine
Provides the ability to use Wave Engine in a UWP view