Top 20 NuGet messages Packages

Set of classes to allow display of Bootstrap-style flash messages between ASP.NET Core Razor Pages
A simple library for sending Slack Messages
A lightweight message routing library supporting various messaging frameworks and serialization formats.
SQL Server transport deduplication mechanism for NServiceBus.Router
Auditlog extensions for minor.nijn.webscale
Beautiful Chat components for C# Windows forms including Chat User, Chat Header, Chat Bubbles, TypingBox, SearchBox and BeautyForm
Transport migration mechanism based on NServiceBus.Router
Domain validation is a library that helps to validates complex business rules with specification pattern.
Library to audit / logging wcf messages in dotnet core projects with log4net.
Azure Service Bus client for RSMassTransit, a MassTransit message bus interface for SQL Server Reporting Services
StockSharp sample history data
Injectable dependency for multithreaded RabbitMQ message sending. Best used with NanoMessageBus.Receiver package.
Additional serialization provider for NanoMessageBus based on the Newtonsoft Json.NET library.
Additional logging provider for NanoMessageBus using Log4Net v1.2.10.
Additional logging provider for NanoMessageBus using NLog.
Additional messaging provider for NanoMessageBus using RabbitMQ messaging infrastructure.
A higher-level interface for Amazon SQS in .NET, which basically queue n dequeue guid's
Asp.NET Mvc Bootstrap Flash Messages extends MVC Controllers with methods to create flash messages easily
This library contains the operation message type definitions and service interfaces for ASP.NET 5 projects.