Top 20 NuGet mef Packages

Adds a VS MEF system with a pre-computed, cached MEF graph.
Implementation of adapter of MEF to Common Service Locator, by Glen Block.
Elastic is a framework that helps to simplify the "wiring" phase of our applications.
Utility and core classes frequently used in my projects.
Jounce is a reference framework for Silverlight intended to provide guidance for building modular line of business applications that follow the MVVM pattern and utilize the Managed Extensibility Framework (MEF).
Library to help to quickly and easily create applications using MEF and MVVM.
Zero Framework is .NET based framework for rapid development of thick client applications using agile methodologies. It uses EF Code First, Caliburn.Micro, custom message-based comunication running over WCF and MEF for dependency resolution.
An easy way to run command line tasks for any .Net project. Add a CLI to an app in seconds.
Ultra light WPF, MEF and MVVM enabled Framework.
The Okra App Framework is an app centric MVVM framework. This package is designed for use with MEF.
MEF Lifetime Policy Extensions
Dependency injection / service composition for Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) using Managed Extensibility Framework (MEF). Supports .NET Framework 4.0 and 4.5.
Lets you apply aspects to your classes at runtime and build new aspects; also provides MEF integration. For more detailed information and documentation, please visit the GitHub page at You can find more of my stuff by visiting my page at http://aashishk...
This package will add the reference to MEF with the Copy Local flag set to false.
Abstraction for cpodesign nlogger implementation
The composition library for the "More" framework.
Interface for logger component