Top 20 NuGet media Packages

Cross-platform wrapper for FFmpeg.
Headers, import libraries, and runtime dlls for FFmpeg, based on the official FFmpeg windows builds.
Xamarin bindings for ExoPlayer
An Azure Blob Storage IFileSystem provider for Umbraco Media.
Take or pick photos and videos from a cross platform API.
LibVLC is a modular multimedia framework that can render video and output audio as well as encode and stream. As it is native code, you will need to use a wrapper library such as LibVLCSharp to use it from .NET.
.NET for Android (formerly Xamarin.Android) bindings for AndroidX library ''.
A complete Private Instagram API for .NET. Support: - Create new account with phone number and email. [v180] - Login with Cookies. - Edit Profile, change/remove profile picture. - Upload album (videos and photos) - Upload story (video/photo) to self story and direct thread - Send video/photo/story...
This package contains classes, interfaces, controls and utility for support media like video, pdf and images in the app. It depends on Fluker
Trading and algorithmic trading platform (stock markets, forex, bitcoins and options). .NET API for InteractiveBrokers, GainCapital, OANDA, FIX/FAST, Binance etc. More info on web site
Xceed DataGrid for WPF with theme packs (including Fluent Design, Material Design, Metro, Windows10, Office 2007, Live Explorer, Media and Glass.) You can try this package for free for 45 days, after which you will need to purchase a license key to continue using it.
The goal of this script is to provide a fast and lightweight (3kb minified / 1kb gzipped) script to enable responsive web designs in browsers that don't support CSS3 Media Queries - in particular, Internet Explorer 8 and under. It's written in such a way that it will probably patch support for other...
Cross platform .NET Xamarin plugin to play and control Audio and Video
An Azure Blob Storage IFileSystem provider for Umbraco.
Cross platform .NET plugin to play and control Audio and Video. This adds .NET MAUI / Xamarin.Forms specific features
This library provides media playback support via GStreamer, allowing applications to display video streams from VideoXpert systems.
Provides developers with libraries for managing Azure Media Services using the Azure Resource Manager API.
Library of media components (e.g., WAV file parser, DTMF frequency generator, etc.)
Premium data set for generating movies and TV shows. Movie titles, tag lines, genres, and trailer links. Sample data used in this library is used with permission from TMDb:
FFmpeg assemly downloader. Download ffmpeg binary data on Windows, Mac or Linux.