Top 20 NuGet meadow Packages

Core .NET libraries for Wilderness Labs Meadow
Text based stack navigation and editor for pixel and character displays
Digital and I2C LCD character displays
Parallax PIR analog motion sensor
SPI Color TFT and OLED displays (GC9A01, HC8357B, HX8357D, ILI9163, ILI9341, ILI9481, ILI9488, RM68140, S6D02A1, SSD1331, SSD1351, ST7735, ST7789)
PCD8544 SPI monochrome display (Nokia 5110)
SHT31-D I2C temperature and humidity sensor
TM1637 digital character display
ST7565 SPI monochrome OLED display
MAX7219 SPI LED driver
ULN2003 digital input stepper motor controller
HCSENS0040 digital microwave motion sensor
IDxxLA Serial radio frequency ID readers
MPL3115A2 I2C barometric pressure, temperature, and altitude sensor
A4988 digital input stepper motor controller
SSD1327 SPI OLED 4bpp greyscale display
Command-line interface for Meadow
Package Description
Package Description