Top 20 NuGet logger Packages

A full-featured file logger implementation for the Microsoft.Extensions.Logging framework.
An MSBuild logger that can be passed to MSBuild to record a detailed structured log file. See usage example at:
Autofac Module that integrates Autofac and NLog. It supports both constructor and property injection.
A simple logging library. This package was built from the source code at
This is the core logging package used by the Adapter packages like AWS.Logger.Log4net to push logging messages into Amazon CloudWatch Logs.
An AWS implementation of ASP.NET Core ILogger that records logging messages to Amazon CloudWatch Logs.
An AWS NLog target that records logging messages to Amazon CloudWatch Logs.
Serilog logger for Nancy web applications. Handler request, response and exceptions.
Logger support Event and Develop Log.
Najlot.Log "wrapper" for Microsoft.Extensions.Logging
Extensions to create hooks into Microsoft.Extensions.Logging This package was built from the source code at
Xlogger extensions for Microsoft.Extensions.DependencyInjection
The package provides interface and classe for logging.
Simple and yet powerful logging library with performance and extensibility in mind.
Provides Serilog logging integration for other ServiceStack projects
The highest performing, most powerful, most flexible and easiest to use logging framework available. Features: Binary Attachment Logging, Real Time Monitoring with Log4View or Chainsaw, Many Target Types, Flexible Configuration, Log Viewer, Config Editor, and much more.
Log4net adapter for AWS Cloudwatch
Common Models for Logger.
Extensible, open-source and cross-platform logging for .NET
Tracing.NET - A simple Logger/Tracer abstraction