Top 20 NuGet log Packages

FASTER is a fast concurrent persistent log and key-value store for larger-than-memory data.
This is the public library for, a free and simple single-source web application for monitoring all your application layers using Tcp, Websocket, and/or WebAPI / Http.
NLog target for Azure file system (file shares) with async support.
Testing library to verify that the correct logs are generated by apps or libraries using the .NET Standard Microsoft.Extensions.Logging library.
logentries.core is a library for Logentries to be used by other libraries that extend logging software, such as log4net and NLog. Logentries is a real-time log management service on the cloud. More info at
Common.Logging library bindings for Log4Net 1.2.13 logging framework.
IIS Module for logging API calls to Moesif
Enables Intellisense™ for Syslog target settings in NLog.config
Common.Logging library bindings for Log4Net 2.0.8 logging framework.
NLog QueueStorageTarget for writing to Azure Cloud Queue Storage
Simple and yet powerful logging library with performance and extensibility in mind.
Exceptionless client for portable applications. Exceptionless is a cloud based error reporting service that sends your exceptions to and provides aggregated views and analytics.
Core library for .NET client support for Logentries.
Leverage user-centric API analytics to drive adoption, usage, and retention, including: - Gain visibility into API adoption and usage - Quickly debug functional and performance issues - Monitor for issues impacting customers - Create live dashboards and share with col...
Cross-platform routines: - serializing which replaces .NET settings for desktop applications; - logging with threading and session support; - auxiliary routines;
Log2NET is a tool for collecting log to databases or files for .NET and .NETCore. This component automatically collects the system's running logs (server operation, online statistics, etc.), exception logs. programmers can also add custom logs. This component supports.NET platform and.NETCore platfo...
Logging provider for .NET Core applications
Projelerde altyapı tasarımı yaparak standart işleri bir paket haline getirildi. (Log-Exception-Caching vb...)
A Serilog Formatter for Stackdriver using JSON logs