Top 20 NuGet log4net Packages

MongoDB appender for log4net
Common.Logging library bindings for Log4Net 1.2.10 logging framework.
A simple extension to Unity that enables log4net ILog dependencies to be injected into consuming classes, with the ILog instance being configured as the correct logger for the consuming class. This version (2.x.x.x) of the extension is for use with Unity v4 and higher.
Common.Logging library bindings for Log4Net 1.2.15 logging framework.
Wrapper to log4net to provide demystified exceptions in messages
Custom log4Net Appender to send logs to Loggly
Custom log4net Appender to send logs to Loggly
Simple, asynchronous Slack log4net appender.
Original project - This version is compiled against .NET Standard 2.0
Fluentd log4net appender
This appender will allow log4net to be configured to send log messages to ELMAH directly. This way ELMAH can be the log manager of record for sites while still allowing specific logging parameters to be controlled with log4net as usual.
This integration library adds support for LibLog to Topshelf. LibLog enables dependency free logging. It contains transparent builtin support for NLog, Log4Net, EntLib Logging and SeriLog or allows the user to define a custom provider. Works with .NET 4 and higher.
Send log to Dingtalk.
.Net Standard 2.0 compatible Log4Net appenders
Asynchronous Log4Net appenders and forwarder
Simple log4net appender which logs to the API from your WebApi application.
Simple log4net appender which logs to the API from your MVC application.
log4net extensions
An unofficial packaging of Log4Net to suit our needs -- specifically, allowing it's use on the .NET 3.5 *Client* framework, rather than .NET 2.0, which has a dependency on System.Web... Contact me know when an official package of NuGet with less framework requirements (don't hold your breath) beco...