Top 20 NuGet llvm Packages

A compiler, runtime, and API for GP-GPU computing using C# or any other NET language, for Windows and Ubuntu x64.
Keystone is a lightweight multi-platform, multi-architecture assembler framework. This package corresponds to the csharp bindings in the official git repository.
A Swig-generated C#/NET wrapper of LLVM-C for Windows 10 (x64), Ubuntu 16.04 (x64).
Libclang bindings for .NET written in C#
The LLVM IR Translator for the TENOR Programming Language.
Pre-built LLVM libraries and headers for LLVM 5.0.1
Windows x64 Pre-built LLVM libraries and headers for LLVM 6.0.0. This package contains the base LLVM static libraries built from the official source. They are primarily used to support building the Ubiquity.NET LibLLVM DLL which exposes an extended LLVM-C API used for creati...
Bindings for LibClang
This project provides .NET binding to LLVM dynamic library for Win32 and x64. To get the native library itself, you can reference LLVM.NativeLibrary from NuGet, and call LLVMDLL.Load. This will preload an LLVM DLL that matches your current processor architecture.
LLVM 3.4.1 package for to solve windows dependency issues.
Windows x64 Pre-built LLVM libraries and headers for LLVM 6.0.0
This assembly provides native LLVM dynamic libraries for Win32 and x64. Just call LLVMDLL.Load, and native LLVM DLL matching your current architecture will be loaded. This resolves references to LLVM-3.3 from P/Invoke.
ILGPU Lightning library for high-level GPU programming. Samples can be found in the GitHub repository:
C# bindings for the libclang c++ parsing library.
.Net wrapper for clang C API
Simple OO wrapper on top of libclang in C#.
Embed libclang binaries as assembly resources. To retrieve the embedded resources, use Assembly.GetManifestResourceStream("");
Prebuilt LLVM libraries for Windows
LLVM Libraries for Windows x64