Top 20 NuGet licensing Packages

Redistributable client validation components for Habanero Simple Software Licensing solution.
A lightweight yet comprehensive licensing solution for Microsoft .Net platform. Protect your .Net components and applications from illegal use.
DotNetLicense is a library that can be used to create and validate RSA signed xml license files which you can use for licensing an application. See for documentation, source, and examples.
Cross platform Json based licensing for products and services.
Basically just a port of Rhino.Licensing to be usable from at least .Net Core 2.1 Note: this package requires that a platform specific version of System.Security.Cryptography.Xml is installed.
Licensing tools based on pki signed xml envelope
This package allows you to add licensing to your software. It supports features like restricting by calling or entry assembly, versions, expiration date, and storing custom values within the license.
Provides various license validators that can be used to validate client licenses (embedded, floating, subscription, etc.)
Provides basic tools for creating and validating XML license files, protected with RSA keys