Top 20 NuGet lambda Packages

A utility class for getting the name of an instance member from a member access lambda
This is an example of roslyn analyzer, that can create diagnostics when there are missing some usings, that are required for using debugging data transformation via lambdas and Linqs in Watch or Immediate windows. Because Microsoft still haven't added support for post-loading libraries like System....
Symbols for package 'AWSSDKCPP-Lambda'. This package should not likely be installed. (This is not the package you are looking for).
Windows.Forms data binding lambda helper. Gets rid of that literal / nameof bullshit in your code.
Enables the efficient, dynamic composition of query predicates linq expressions supporting the logical operators: AND, OR, NOT. It can be used with any kind of entity that need to be queried by a linq expression.
A bunyan structured format logger for AWS Lambda.
AWS DynamoDB client wrapper with generics. Compatible with AWS Lambda. Compatible with MVC.
Lambda calculus implementation using FSharp. The library exposes the classic combinators, boolean algebra, numeral agebra using Church numerals, pairs algebra. Combinators: S, K, I, M, KI, C, B, Th, B1, V Boolean: GTrue, GFalse, GAnd, GOr, GBeq Numerals: G0, G1, G2, GSucc, GPred, GAdd, GSum, GMul, G...
Provides some commonly utilized tools for running AWS Lambda functions including CloudFormation Custom Resource creation, logging convenience methods for CloudWatch, Kinesis Firehose events, SNS S3 event messages, and SageMaker inference responses.
A library of static classes, extension methods, and classes that apply functional techniques to C#.
Command Query Separation for AWS Lambda ⚡ ✔️ Provides generic function support for commands and queries with Amazon API Gateway ✔️ Enables APIs based on HTTP POST and GET 📄
Implementation of SqlRepoEx ORM for Lambda Turn to MySQL statement
Implementation of SqlRepoEx ORM for Lambda Turn to Ms SQL statement。
Application builder library for .NET Core AWS Lambda applications to use Startup and AppHostBuilder pattern
Package Description
Command line tools to remotely debug .NET in AWS Lambda (see LambdaRemoteDebug package).