Top 20 NuGet jqueryui Packages

With Interaction Lib you can wire up most common ajax UI interactions with as few as 2 - 3 attributes right in your markup with no additional javascript. Also provides markup for wiring and configuring other jQuery/jQueryUI plugins. Provides support for unobtrusive configurations.
is a plug-in to add a Help button in the title bar of the dialog.
is a wrapper for the dialog to display the external content using an iframe.
A jQuery plugin for adding play, pause, skip, previous, and volume controls for the SoundCloud HTML5 embedded player to a webpage.
Ease jQuery UI development with the Fluqi fluent interface library.
A well-documented table plugin for jQuery which uses Ajax/JSON to fetch items. Supports jQueryUI, paging, theming and searching.
jQuery UI Effects extension for scalable JavaScript application.
Composit widget to allow user to enter e.g. height / weight values and convert between units. See jQuery.ui.unitconverter.Example.html for a working example for height/weight inputs.
Dable is simple and elegant. It has ZERO dependencies and works in IE 8+
Server side extension of jQueryUI for ASP.NET MVC (.NETFramework,Version=v4.0)