Top 20 NuGet jobs Packages

A plugin for Hangfire that enables you to launch jobs manually.
An extension providing some convenience while logging EPiServer jobs, including progress.
Package Description
A library for running tasks on schedules.
WebBackgrounder is a proof-of-concept of a web-farm friendly background task manager meant to just work with a vanilla ASP.NET web application. See for more information.
RavenDB job storage for Hangfire
Chroniton is a light-weight, fully customizable, fully integrable, strongly typed, and open source solution for scheduling Tasks.
Revalee is a Windows Service used to schedule callbacks for web applications. It simplifies a web application's workflow when events are required *after* the normal handling of web requests. This library allows Revalee callback requests to be easily embedded in web application code. This NuGet pack...
Minion, background job system for .NET applications.
TauCode scheduled jobs support.
WebBackgrounder.EntityFramework is an implementation of the IJobCoordinator for WebBackgrounder that uses a Database (via EF Code First) as the synchronization mechanism (aka a mutex) for coordinating jobs.
Background jobs and scheduled work for .NET.
Distributed job queue for .NET powered by Katana and SignalR.
Ever.y is a fluent API job scheduling engine for .NET.
Azure Webjobs SDK Extension for Triggering on an entire Topic
Pipeline support for Microsoft.Azure.WebJobs.ServiceBus