Top 20 NuGet job Packages

Automated job scheduler with fluent interface.
Installs CrystalQuartz panel (pluggable Quartz.NET viewer) to .NET Core or .NET Standard application (web or self-hosted) that uses AspNetCore environment.
Plinth Hangfire framework
RecurrentTasks for .NET allows you to run simple recurrent background tasks with specific intervals, without complex frameworks, persistance, etc...
Plinth Hangfire Utilities
Plinth Hangfire Utilities for SQL Server
Admin panel for .NET apps that give you DB persisted job scheduling and management, beautiful metrics dashboard, CRUD interface, and more!
Templates for creating Runly jobs for .NET Core
Easy job scheduling for ServiceStack -
Provides the infrastructure for scheduling tasks. Typically used areas and classes/interfaces/services: - IScheduler, ISchedulerClient. - InMemory: InMemoryScheduler, InMemorySchedulerClient. - Jobs: IJob, JobBase, IFuncJob, FuncJob. - Beha...
An SDK to integrate with the Sovren v10 API for resume/CV parsing and AI searching and matching.
.Net ASP.NET Job Scheduler Long-Running
DNTScheduler.Core is a lightweight ASP.NET Core's background tasks runner and scheduler.
Function Modules for Azure WorkerRole - RoleEntryPoint Requires: - .NET 4.6.2+ - Azure SDK 2.8+ Changelog: 1.0.0 - Stable release 1.0.1 - Fix abstract class error when found in satellite assemblies
Multi-threaded batch processing and background jobs for .NET Core
.Net ASP.NET Job Scheduler Long-Running
.Net ASP.NET Job Scheduler Long-Running
Provides streaming job management capabilities for Microsoft Azure.
Installs CrystalQuartz panel (pluggable Quartz.NET viewer) to any application (web or self-hosted) that uses OWIN environment.
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