Top 20 NuGet irc Packages

IRC.NET is a complete IRC (Internet Relay Chat) client library for .NET.
A easy to use, easy to implent, IRC library with DCC (Download) support for C#. See for more information:
An IRC library offering simple implementation and versatile capability.
NetIRC2 is an easy-to-use .NET IRC client library. It supports all major features relevant to making a chat client or bot. NetIRC2 has full support for synchronization contexts. You can use it from a Windows Forms or WPF GUI thread and chat events will be automatically dispatched, allowing you to ...
SmartIrc4net is a multi-threaded and thread-safe IRC library written in C#. It allows you to communicate with IRC servers. The API features full channel syncing and is split in 3 layers: IrcConnection, IrcCommands and IrcClient.
An IRC library
A C# library for chatting on an IRC (Internet Relay Protocol) network. Supports a lot of RFC 1459 and a little of 2812. Should be sufficient for most of your IRC bot-making needs.
.NET IRC client library
A simple IRC library compatible with Linux, using Mono. A unique feature in comparison to other libraries is support for DCC (which I haven't seen yet)! This library is for now exactly the same for C# .NET as for Mono. I made this seperate because there might be operating specific changes to the li...
Twitch Chat Library
Asynchronous IRC(S) library.
A simple .NET Core IRC library.
IRC client library for .NET Standard 2.0. Forked from NetIRC and beefed up a little.
An IRC library for .NET with Twitch IRC support.