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MultiPlug CFX Extension for the Connected Factory Exchange. Use this extension to push MultiPlug fog computing events to a CFX broker.
IPC Connected Factory Exchange Open Source Software Development Kit
==CSharpTest.Net.RpcLibrary== Simply one of the fastest and most robust inter-process communcations available on the Windows platform. WinRPC is the building block of DCOM and probably the most used remote proceedure call in Windows. In plain words it is the fastest, most stable, secure transport...
ChildProcesses is a child process management library for the .NET Framework. It allows to create child processes, and provides bidirectional extendable interprocess communication based on WCF and NamedPipes out of the box. Child and parent processes monitor each other and notify about te...
CrossChannel is a framework for simple peer-to-peer (P2P) and inter-process communication (IPC).
CSP channels library on RabbitMQ
Appline allow to communicate between processes with Anonymous Pipes, to send messages or complex objects. Anonymous pipes provide interprocess communication on a local computer.
Simple Event Bus Library for NetStandard. Based on @songdongsheng EventBus
Grapple offer a strongly typed and Async IPC between processes, using persistent Memory Mapped File.
A library for easy-to-implement interprocess communication.
A library that provides classes to simply IPC (inter process communication)
Pipedream is an IPC/RPC library that supports .NET Standard For more info see
A package providing different forms of event driven Inter-process Communication
File based Inter Process Communication (IPC) library for .NET applications
A simple IPC interface over HTTP with type-based callbacks.
The Ljund Common Library includes many useful development aids such as: - Task Queue; The ability to set multiple tasks running in a queue-like system with configurable options of what to do in certain situations - Cryptography Helpers; Assymmetric, Symmetric and Hash functions - Win32 Helpers; Win3...
Implements a simple API for creating async socket clients and servers that can exchange raw bytes or binary messages. Imagined as a lightweight managed async zeromq replacement focusing on TCP sockets. Strives to be portable to Mono.
Lightweight and fast inter-process communication IPC between two partners for .NET / .NETCore 2.0 / .NETStandard 2.0 / UWP. Based on Shared Memory. [512 bytes package in both directions] Remote async and sync calls with response (a la RPC), full-duplex, with the speed of 20 MB/s. Remote async call...
Spawn child processes and communicate with them over Named Pipes in a TPL (Task Parallel Library) way