Top 20 NuGet ios Packages

Unofficial FolderPath plugins for Xamarin
Toasts.Forms.Plugin assemblies from net45 folder
Xamarin iOS binding library for RKNotificationHub
Custom UIViewController that slides scrollable content up from bottom of screen which covers the main content view on screen.
[FIX]:android7 and ASTRO File Manager response. other platform use to "pt.Xamarin.Plugin.FilePicker". Simple cross-platform plug-in that allows you to pick files from the filesystem (iCloud drive in case of iOS) and work with them.
Xamarin iOS binding library for RMessage
An iOS binding library for JPush
Xamarin.iOS Binding for Apple's internal UIDebuggingInformationOverlay API. It shows a floating UIWindow that lets you inspect your view hierarchy and lots more!
This is simple Mvvm implementation for Cross Platform Development with Rest Client in Xamarin Form.
SidePanel for Xamarin iOS
Xamarin embedded database, requires zero configuration, supports standard ANSI SQL 89 and 92 with BPlusTree indexing, reliable fast and free. In-memory database and on disk database file with ability to create multiple database schema files either in memory or on disk. See Android example project on...
NOTICE: APNS-Sharp is now deprecated / obsoleted by PushSharp. This nuget package is now simply a placeholder for PushSharp which you should be using instead! A 100% managed code, free, open source, independent and mono compatible C#/.NET Library for interacting with Apple's Push Notification (APN...
A reflection-based expression executor.
BugSense is the leading crash reporting and quality metrics service for mobile apps. This is the official plugin for Xamarin iOS applications.
Mono port of the excellent CCHMapClusterController library (
Wrapper around the NVSlideMenuController library for Xamarin.iOS.
NOTE: As of the 1.0 release, package IDs for SQLitePCL.raw now begin with SQLitePCLRaw.*. Some use cases will involve minor breaking changes in the transition. See README on GitHub for more info. These extension methods for SQLitePCL.raw provide a more usable API while remaining stylistically simil...
SQLitePCL.raw is a Portable Class Library (PCL) for low-level (raw) access to SQLite. This package does not provide an API which is friendly to app developers. Rather, it provides an API which handles platform and configuration issues, upon which a friendlier API can be built. On platforms (like ...
Wrapper around the NVUIGradientButton library for Xamarin.iOS.
(NOTE: This package is DEPRECATED. Use the SQLitePCL.raw package instead.) This NuGet package for SQLitePCL.raw is 'needy' in the sense that it does not contain the SQLite library itself. To use this package, you need the actual SQLite library to be provided in some other way.