Top 20 NuGet interception Packages

The #1 pattern-aware extension to C# and VB.
Unity Interception
A .NET library for intercepting server-side HTTP dependencies.
Unity Interception Configuration
Adds support for interception to Ninject
Adds support for interception to Ninject using Castle Dynamic Proxy 2
Unity interception enables you to effectively capture calls to objects and add additional functionality to the target object. Interception is useful when you want to modify the behavior for individual objects but not the entire class, very much as you would do when using the Decorator pattern. It pr...
A utility library in .Net7.0 to easily add patterns such as Command, Query, Dispatcher, Interception...
An extension to the LightInject service container that enables AOP(Aspect Oriented Programming) through method interception.
A lightweight AOP framework built on .NET Dependency Injection and Roslyn based code generation.
Interception feature for expressions based Inversion of Control container for .NET.
ServiceWire is a very fast and light weight service host and dynamic client library that simplifies the development and use of high performance remote procedure call (RPC) communication between .NET processes over Named Pipes or TCP/IP. And with the release of 2.0.0, ServiceWire now supports optiona...
Extensions and utility code for testing ASP.NET Core web applications with HttpClient interception