Top 20 NuGet interception Packages

Unity Interception
The #1 pattern-aware extension to C# and VB.
Unity Interception Configuration
Fody add-in that provides custom interception. Supports Net45, NetStandard2.0 and UWP. Method, Property, Constructor and Field interceptors can be found in the package Cauldron.BasicInterceptors (
PostSharp SDK allows for development of PostSharp add-ins using low-level APIs.
An extension to the LightInject service container that enables AOP(Aspect Oriented Programming) through method interception.
Puresharp is a Framework that provides the essential APIs to productively build high quality (.NET 4.5.2+ & .NET Core 2.1+) applications through reliability, scalability and performance without no compromise.
IPuresharp urbanize libraries with strategic private code to lay transparent foundations for Puresharp API .NET
ServiceWire is a very fast and light weight service host and dynamic client library that simplifies the development and use of high performance remote procedure call (RPC) communication between .NET processes over Named Pipes or TCP/IP. And with the release of 2.0.0, ServiceWire now supports optiona...
Interception feature for expressions based Inversion of Control container for .NET.
Adds support for interception to Ninject
Adds support for interception to Ninject using Castle Dynamic Proxy 2
The Enterprise Library Policy Injection Application Block can be used to change the behavior of any .NET objects, in order to better manage crosscutting concerns for these objects. The policy injection is implemented through the Unity interception mechanism. The package includes call handlers for Lo...
A .NET library for intercepting server-side HTTP dependencies.
Interception feature for expressions based Inversion of Control container for .NET as embedding-in-code package.
Custom interceptors for Cauldron.Interception.Fody that provides method, property, field and constructor interception.
A Fody/Mono.Cecil wrapper that provides most basic IL code weaving helpers.
A .NET Core based interception framework for AOP programming.
Provide underlying intercepting dynamic proxy generating mechanism for Dora.Interception.
DevForce takes care of your application's infrastructure-the gap between your data-layer and client-layer where the difficult job of turning raw data into business objects and moving them to and from the client's screen takes place. DevForce fills this gap so you don't have to. Instead of building, ...