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RTree implementation
Unified algorithm support for indexed .NET collections.
CSharpQuery is a fast, internationalized, multi-threaded, full text search engine. It supports thesaurus lookup, diacritic and cyrillic characters, result ranking, standardized word breaking, and more. It's extremely easy to get up and going; simply add the key/values during indexing and get the key...
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Appson Common libraries for .NET is a set of utilities and extensions that are used frequently in different projects.
Sofenia search engine's indexer library (managed). Go to
DOCODO full-text powerful documental search engine - Support documents & pages - Searches exact word coordinates - Searching with words distance limit and exact phrase - High indexing speed - Request suggession - Supports different sources: files, http, DB - Supports different languages - Multithre...
Object Document Mapping for Lucene.Net
This package has a powershell script. You will reference it, then tweak your .csproj to invoke it appropriately to modify your PDBs
Use this library to help create your elasticsearch based solutions on Azure Web and Worker Roles. It manages the installation of Elasticsearch, Java, and any plugins you provide. All new instances are automatically added to the cluster using automatic discovery. It also comes with ...
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Sofenia search engine's query library (managed). Go to
An Index Side Bar with Wave Effect for Android
Small and simple set of classes that allows storing multiple files in one
This package helps build out site maps as well as site map indexes. Designed for use in large projects where multiple site maps are used.
Core package for h73 Elasticsearch framework