Top 20 NuGet in Packages

Fully managed polygon manipulation/merging and interrogation library targeting netstandard.
Simple C# caching library including a FIFO and LRU cache
Decouple does matter, A simple mediator for .Net for sending command, publishing event and request response with pipelines supported
A library to display nice flow graphs in WPF.
Extension function pack to increase productivity and improve source code writing.
Features: - You can run any object in another process in several lines - The created object looks like a real one (see ProxyFactory) - Full control - you can kill the process at any time and interrupt the execution of any code and free the libraries used Limitations: -...
Fast and simple methods to get input from the console with messages, conversions and validations!
For more details with examples:
DragonHoard's core library.
Is Path In Cwd (is-path-in-cwd) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
A JavaScript free Transfer (Dual List) library for Blazor applications
DragonHoard's fast in memory cache.
DatteFormatter Framework that helps to format the date. Framework 1.0.2 brings the date in full format in several different languages. We have many methods to use about date. We will have in future versions more methods that help you to work with date. Any doubts, please let me know by my web site...
This client library provides capabilities to add cache in memory for data, it is a thread safe. Auto Refresh all data with single calls. Each key can get value from any data source configured. Provides time stamp when value has been changed for each key. E.g. Get set of data ...
Lightweight package for easily paging through any IEnumerable/IQueryable in .NET and .NET Core.
Lightweight package for easily paging through any IEnumerable/IQueryable in .NET Mvc Web Application.