Top 20 NuGet identity Packages

This package contains extensions to Azure Active Directory Library for .NET (ADAL.NET)
Claims-based user account and identity management framework
ASP.NET Identity provider for RavenDB. This is an identity provider that works with RavenDB 4.0+ for MVC (full .NET Framework) apps. If you're looking for ASP.NET Core support, use our sister project, RavenDB.Identity.
This package adds support for integrated Windows authentication to IdentityServer.
Vanguard Identity Core
Provides all the base classes and interfaces for managing users, roles, and tenants.
ASP.NET Core Library for The Identity Hub. The Identity Hub makes it easy to connect your app to all major identity providers like Microsoft, Facebook, Google, Twitter, Linked In and more. For more information see
Models, messaging services and extensions for a Microsoft.AspNetCore.Identity MVC web app
Aurochses.AspNetCore.Identity is a library for ASP.NET Core Identity.
Aurochses.AspNetCore.Identity.EntityFrameworkCore is a library for ASP.NET Core Identity using Entity Framework Core.
Aurochses.AspNetCore.Identity.Twilio is a library for ASP.NET Core Identity with Twilio.
Aurochses.AspNetCore.Identity.SendGrid is a library for ASP.NET Core Identity with SendGrid.
Wilcommerce Authentication and Authorization library
10Duke Entitlement service client library for .NET desktop applications
Entity Framework storage for Rsk.IdentityServer4.WsFederation
Identity Server 4 Persistance Storage with AWS DynamoDB
Provides Microsoft Entity Framework implementation for DevAccelerate ASP.NET Identity.
Abstractions project contains interfaces that you may use to implement authentication and authorization logic and to transform user claims principal into a rich domain entity.