Top 20 NuGet id Packages

Twitter Snowflake-alike ID generator for .Net
Authenticate a user via fingerprint, face id or any other biometic / local authentication method from a cross platform API.
WebClientPrint for ASP.NET is a plugin-free solution for Client-side Raw Printing scenarios for Windows, Linux, Raspberry Pi & Mac clients, exclusively designed for ASP.NET Core, MVC and WebForms. With WebClientPrint, you can easily send raw data, text and native commands to printers installed a...
A library that generates random identifiers from 7 to 14 characters. Identifiers generated can be used as primary keys for databases or unique identifiers.
Enrich logs with a unique ID so you can track logs for specific requests.
Authenticate a user via fingerprint, face id or any other biometic / local authentication method from a cross platform API.
Simple but flexible and powerful utility for generating random names: - human-like, e.g. Jim Deam, Henrie Avdeev, Lanita Leutbecher - or github/docker style identifiers, like sympathetic_alligator, UnsuitedHistorian, Psychedelic-FundRaiser - or anything in between, like Bob_The_Builder, Well-dresse...
.NET Standard library of resource identifier (URI) related functionality.
Generate and/or validate ids.
JSPrintManager is a Javascript + Client App solution for Client-side Printing & Scanning scenarios designed to be used in any Website developed on top of any Web Platform like ASP.NET, PHP, Django, Ruby On Rails (RoR), Express.js and more! By writing pure Javascript code, JSPrintManager allows you t...
AspNetCore integration for Identifiers with DependencyInjection integration
.NET Core DependencyInjection Integration for Identifiers with EntityFrameworkCore.SqlServer
Ported from - A fast, low allocation, zero config, thread-safe 12 byte UUID generator based on the Mongo Object Id algorithm.
Turkish ID Number Validation Library
A JavaScript free OpenID Connect PKCE library for Blazor WebAssembly. Support .NET 6.0 Support .NET 5.0 Support .NET Standard 2.0 The received ID token is validated by the component in the client using the OpenID Provider (OP) discovery document. The component automatically handl...
Turkish ID Number Model Binding Library
You can list every steam account (user id in all formats) that was used to sign in the steam app on windows. It can also detect active steam account that is currently running steam app. Data is based on steam registry keys. Open any user profile in steam app. Get users current diplay names.
A project to abstract entity ID's so that their underlying type (e.g., string, int, GUID) can be changed at any time with minimal code changes.
Twitter Snowflake-alike ID generator for .Net Core
Saint Francis College ID System Core Library