Top 20 NuGet icons Packages

Dapplo.Windows.Icons has supporting code for icons.
An umbraco property editor for Font Awsome Icons which is User Upgradable to keep up todate with the latest Font Awesome Icons.
C# bindings for Android-Iconics library. Android-Iconics is a library to use (almost) any alternative iconfont in your projects. It allows you to add any Android-Iconics compatible typeface-library-addon to your project and you are able to start using that font.
Icon picker for Umbraco >= 7.4.0
A class library containing re-colorable text editor icons
Razor helpers for Bootstrap 3 icons
Famfamfam-Flags, made available in various package managers, shipped with CSS spritesheet
Provides a WPF value converter that converts an ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country code into a WPF Image of that country's flag.
Iconator is an Umbraco datatype that allows the picking of CSS icon classes.
Material Design Icons for Umbraco 7.11.1 and above
React Icons (react-icons) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
Library for handling and retrieving system icons.
Core package of Xamarin-Iconify. Iconify offers you a huge collection of vector icons to choose from, and an intuitive way to add and customize them in your Android app. Original Iconify project by Joan Zapata ( has been converted to C# to simplify inte...
GitHub's icon font. Package issues can be reported at
GitHub's icon font. Package issues can be reported at
A WPF friendly port of the tango icon theme. Scalable SVG icons have been converted into XAML. Icons are embedded as the optimized BAML format, resulting in faster loading and a much smaller file size (about 1/2 of raw XAML, and 1/3 of raw SVG). The "LazyConverter" class does lazy intialization and ...
This is a simple dropdown box loaded with font awesome icons. The labels are unicode , while the values are the class name.
Creates thumbnails from images and several other file types (e.g. pdf, doc, xls). Images are resized and other file types are given proper, nice looking icon.
React Bytesize Icons (react-bytesize-icons) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
Lightweight Android library for fancy toast messages at the top or bottom of the screen.