Top 20 NuGet icon Packages

Auto-generated string consants for FontAwesome icons. When using this in XAML files, please call FA.Init() in your application loading logic.
This provides programmatic control and helper classes for the FontAwesome framework. This is the core library and only provides simple text output. You probably also want : - FluentFontAwesome.Mvc, which provide the appropriate HtmlHelpers. - FluentFontAwesome.AspNetCore.Mvc.TagHelpers, which p...
This package supports programmers to use FontAwesome file from project's resources. In other words, there is no need for downloading or checking whether or not the file exists, which will highly improve performance. LMT.FontAwesome was based on FontAwesome for WinForms public demo (https://www.code...
Provides an enum representing all icon names available from the Google Material Design icon library, as well as an extension method to convert an icon enum value to an Iconfont string for use on web pages.
An easy and practical icon button with a unique and beautiful design. Contains several properties ColorUI, Width, Height and type.
An easy and practical icon button with a unique and beautiful design (Standard). Contains several properties IconType, ColorUI, Width, Height and type.
Segoe MDL2 Assets FontIcon For Wpf
Allows the user to select an icon from an .ico, a .exe, or a .dll
An easy and practical Flying Icon. Contains several properties.
Tool to add or change icons of the PE executable (including .NET Framework assemblies).
BlazorIcons.Light contains some common font icons
BlazorIcons.Full include all font icons of BlazorIcons
a blazor Font Icon component library core, which is using IconMoon
.Net Pow! Flags country flag icons/images css library and css flag library generation project. Generate your own flag library based on your projects needs using Iso country codes, Iso language codes, country names with sizes to suite your needs. Includes our Material Design Icons c# library we use f...
A library for embbeding Font Awesome icons in WPF & Windows Forms applications