Top 20 NuGet html Packages

The console app loads, parses a SpecRun html report and outputs a XML *like* test results file.
My package description.
appMobi's Windows Phone 8 Live Tile Sample Plugin as a starting point for your html 5 development.
This Nuget Package will help in providing html helper in ASP.NET MVC4 to create a basic DataGrid with Paging. This Package need AngularJS and BootStrap & font-awesome css.
HtmlSanitizer: provides a way to strip specified tags of html. whitelist/blacklist config supported. and you can replace tags not in white/black with specified tags. example:
Generate html from markdown files support local md resolution and css
Enables user feedback directly inside your Windows Store apps. Integrates with Myelin feedback management web portal (see for details). Feedback workflow is implemented as a bi-directional channel, where the developer can reply to comments submitted by the end user, and the e...
HtmlHelpers for Enums, like dropdownlists with one expression and auto-generated radio buttons.
C# Style Implementation of jQuery
A basic implementation of an HTML upload control that can be used with a Cloud Business App project, or with any SharePoint Enabled LightSwitch Project. Apply this to your LightSwitch or Cloud Business App HTML Projects. Sample code usage: var myUpload = new SingleUpload(htmlElement, "SharePointA...
Spark.Html contains a number of extension methods for HtmlTextWriter. Internally these methods use an IDisposable pattern to encapsulate the rather cumbersome code for adding attributes, rendering the begin tag, and rendering the end tag. The extension methods should generally be called as part...
My package description.
This will add a few helpers for HTML Helpers; This package can only serve the other HTML Helpers packages that i made and that depend on it. All by itself is a useless package.
This package will install a bunch of HTML Helpers for your MVC Application.
A Bootstrap Themed input HTML Helper for MVC.
HTML Helper to add a Bootstrap stylized TextArea control to your MVC page.
User's helper using Bootstrap for MVC
WinJs HTML Template
Simple MVC custom html helpers (for use in training)