Top 20 NuGet home Packages

A simple .NET Core library for handling Alexa Smart Home Requests.
SiteServer CMS 用户中心插件,包含用户中心设置、用户投稿、扩展菜单等功能,允许用户前台发布文章、编辑文章、编辑个人资料等。
Dotnet Wrapper for .NET and UWP that include : - OpenZWave.dll - config directory (xml files for devices)
.NET Standard 1.4 implementation of the AVM SmartHome API
Home Assistant 'Hass' is a home automation system running on Unix-systems. This package aims to enable .NET developers to create their own 'app-like' programs that integrate with Home Assistant through it's Websocket and Web API's.
Library for controlling LIFX light bulbs
W800RF32 RF Receiver library for X10 Home Automation (.NET / Mono) Features - Decoding of both standard and security X10 messages - Event driven - Hot plug - Automatically restabilish connection on error/disconnect - Compatible with Mono
A simple .NET Framework + .NET Core (using .NET standard) library for controlling your smart home via the Telldus Live! API and a Telldus TellStick. Turn lights on, off, dim them and so on.
Controls INSTEON-brand lighting and home automation devices. With this component you can write your own home automation applications to control lighting and other devices using INSTEON. Requires an INSTEON interface—either a SmartLinc or USB PowerLinc—and at least one INSTEON device to control, suc...
Retrieves metadata for Windows games using, receiving the game's .lnk shortcut path as input.
Wireless control of appliances using the system NooLite ( Adapters PC118/1116/1132 and RX1164/2164 are supported. Ethernet gateway PR1132 are supported.
FluentDwelling is a free and open source .NET class library for controlling Insteon-compatible home automation devices using the SmartHome 2413S serial-to-Insteon or 2413U USB-to-Insteon bridges.
Class library providing access to some Fritz!Box Smart Home functionality.
An sdk for connecting to the LK IHC Controller
ActiveHome X10 Wrapper
HomeHealthGold.Audits.dll enables vendors of OASIS data collection systems to provide point-of-entry auditing for a wide variety of inconsistencies and errors common to OASIS assessments.
Library that imports functionality from the Magic Home app, allowing control of smart lights
This is an extension library which allows using _WebSocket4Net_ as transport for MQTTnet clients.
This package contains a SerialPort implementation for connecting, reading and sending packages with the ZigBee Hardware dongles
This package can be used in combination with the ZigBeeNet package and is the dongle implementation for a Texas Instrument CC2531 hardware dongle