Top 20 NuGet grid Packages

Automation mappings to assist with browser based UI automation tests using the Coded UI Test for Visual Studio
Umbraco Grid Config Loader
A library to simplify working with 2d grids.
Add a little bit of Umbraco to your Episerver and improve the editor experience with Griddy. Drag and drop your Blocks in a customizable grid existing out of rows and columns.
Graphical engine
Waterfall CollectionView with custom height for each item and more for Xamarin Android and iOS
A library to provide implementations of various spatially oriented datastructures such as a sparse grid and other spatial partitioning structures to query 2D space.
Grid ASP.NET web applications
BindingNavigator WPF
KendoGridFASM provides functionality for ASP.Net (MVC/Web API) to not only map the Data Source Request to C# DTO but also provides helper functionality that can be used to generate dynamic expressions for filtering, sorting and aggregation which again can be used to generate dynamic WHERE, ORDER BY ...
Sort, Filter and Paginate a standard dotnet Core MVC grid. Provides quick and easy TagHelpers that make adding sorting and filtering in table headers simple.
Web Atoms for Xamarin Forms, Hot Reloading of Live Apps with TypeScript and TSX
MultiRow for Windows Forms 10.0J(以下、本製品)は自由なレイアウトの表画面を追加できるデータグリッドコンポーネントです。グリッド上のどこにでもセルを配置できる高度な柔軟性を備え、1レコード複数行表示をノンコーディングで簡単に実現できます。入力、選択、表示といったグリッドの基本的な操作に加え、付箋機能や条件付きの計算、ページ指定印刷など伝票入力画面を作成するコンポーネントとしても充実した機能を提供します。 さまざまなアプリケーション開発に本製品をご使用いただければ幸いです。
Overrides for the Umbraco Grid to allow styling and multiple class settings in the backoffice
Simple UniformGrid for Xamarin Forms