Top 20 NuGet geometry Packages

Geometry DOM (geometry-dom) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
Framework for real-time computer graphics using OpenGL. This framework is created for a university course in computer graphics. Documentation inside the package is incomplete!
Extends MonoGame with additional geometry operations. Extensions for Vector*, Point, & Matrix. Also primitives for 1- and 2-dimensional shapes, (within 2-dimensional space), with simplistic collision detection. Forked from the popular Nuclex Framework.
This library contains geometric primitives and algorithms: 2D, 3D and 4V vector, matrix, polyline and polygon types. The main geometric operations are 2D (Delaunay) triangulation and polygon clipping (union, difference, intersection, xor). The latest clipping implementation is floating point based a...
Aardvark.Base is a collection of data structures and algorithms for computer graphics and visualization. It is under active development since 2006 as part of a much larger set of libraries at VRVis Research Center.
A math library for geometry and probability functions and vector operations.
A logical hex-grid implementation based on Amit Patel's examples at
Appson Common libraries for .NET is a set of utilities and extensions that are used frequently in different projects.
A logical hex-grid implementation based on Amit Patel's examples at
GIS Computational Geometry library ported from the open sourced ESRI geometry library (this branch supplies the automated build of this library: All relational operators from ESRI's computational geometry lib...
Provides SizeD, PointD and RectangleD for double values. Also adds other useful geometry functions and Robert Penner's easing equations.
A computational geometry and math library for the CLR with potential medical, gaming, and GIS uses.
GeoJSON for EntityFramework is a .net library that allows you to create GeoJSON output from EntityFramework Spatial Data or WKT inputs. In other words, It serializes different type of geometry objects to GeoJSON. It's not limited to only EF entities but It can serialize WKT inputs as well. Fe...
Epicycle .NET math library. Includes: 2D/3D geometry, polygons, linear algebra, differential geometry, stochastic processes, Kalman filter. * Details & release notes: * Sources:
A Visual Studio extension VSPackage that provides a 2D line plotting service to other packages.
The .NET C# port of libspiro - conversion between spiro control points and bezier's.
A .NET library for geometric and geographic processing.
This is a unit-tested C# library that can convert Well Known Text (WKT) / Well Known Binary (WKB) to and from ESRI's ArcGIS Runtime Geometry. The motivation for this library is a no-dependency and small footprint WKT/WKB parser. It has some limited-functionality but is a alternative to more robust ...
An extension library for System.Numerics namespace adding common XNA/MonoGame/SharpDX classes to the namespace.
A library enables develop to create the geometry with the famous old turtle style drawing system