Top 20 NuGet gateway Packages

Provides Ocelot extensions to use ZooKeeper
Stone Gateway Client
Helps simplify the interaction with Raven's real-time endpoints.
C#-to-JavaScript compiler interface support plugins.
MOLPay API library to be used with Visual Studio for ASP.NET project. This is not official library from MOLPay. For documentation, please refer to project site.
This package includes a new backend for Downlink to support artifacts stored on the local filesystem.
This package includes a new backend for Downlink to support artifacts stored in GitHub Releases
Custom Reverse Proxy Middleware for Owin/Katana
dotbpe-plugin 是微服务框架dotbpe的插件集,DotBPE.Plugin.AspNetGateway 提供简易的方式,将HttpWebApi请求转换层DotBPE调用,可作为简易的服务网关使用
dotbpe-gateway 提供简易的方式,将HttpWebApi请求转换层DotBPE调用,可作为简易的服务网关使用
.NET Standard Wrapper and Service for the DirectPay Online Service API.
Force Update Microservice Plugin for LVDGW
A library to add ApiGateway authentication in external API services
Helpers for generating text for special message types, ready for sending using PSWinCom Gateway Client
MMS helper for PSWinCom .net gateway client
This library is a simple way to integrate your application with BitPay along with your BitPay account for taking Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash payments. It exposes six basic functions, creating and retrieving invoices, creating, retrieving and delivering bills and retrieving rates. It is not meant as a r...
this is an integrated online payment Library for MVC. Currently it supports Bank gateways such az Mellat, Parsian, Saman, Fanava, AsanPardakht. Mehr micro packages (libraries) Sepanta Software Development Team ( [-at-] sepanta [-dot-] com) Team Leader: Reza Abdol...
C#-to-JavaScript compiler phaser game development plugin.
C#-to-JavaScript compiler JQuery and Bootstrap development plugin.
C#-to-JavaScript compiler webix application development plugin.