Top 20 NuGet function Packages

Arrows for F#
C# library to create a common interface to non-cryptographic hash functions (
Compose Function (compose-function) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
FunctionModules package with TcpListener base ContinuousFunction - TcpListenerContinuousFunctionBase q:
Function Modules for Azure WorkerRole - RoleEntryPoint Requires: - .NET 4.6.2+ - Azure SDK 2.8+ Changelog: 1.0.0 - Stable release 1.0.1 - Fix abstract class error when found in satellite assemblies
Currying and Partial application for C# functions and actions.
libffi (Foreign Function Interface) is a library that allows software to call any function whose interface is known at runtime. Homepage:
Finaquant Protos is a non-commercial and free .NET library with table-valued functions (Table Functions). This .NET library can only be used for non-commercial purposes like education and science. Please see Finaquant Calcs with additional features and unlimited table size for commercial use.
# Encryption Classe responsável por criptografar e descriptografar dados ou mensagens.
FNV-1a hash algorithm in C#
TNX Function Module common lib - IContinuousFunction - IParallelFunction - IPriorityFunction
Data.HashFunction implementation of xxHash (
Data.HashFunction implementation of MurMurHash (
MathCore Library - SpecialFunctions
Easy to use library for computing zero (root) of a function. var math = new FunctionRoot.Hybrid("(x+1)^2-9", 0, 1.5); var result = math.ComputeHybrid(); // result = 2
.Net Standard 1.3 Data classes and utils for use with WebSocketGlue Services
Extension for entity framework in .NET Framework. Helping developers are easy to use EF6.0 to call store procedure, view, function in SQL Server If you have any questions feel free to contact me.
Data.HashFunction implementation of SpookyHash (
Data.HashFunction implementation of Pearson hashing ( (