Top 20 NuGet ftp Packages

Provides a generic filesystem access layer.
This component provides async extensions for System.Net.FtpClient library.
FtpTask for MSBUILD
32-bit C# bindings for libcurl
FTPS library for .NET Core - use at your own risk
Nequeo FTP component
Core library contains the core classes and basic components for building custom integration processes. Integround Components is a collection of open source integration components to help you build custom integration solutions easily. These components can be used in any .NET application to mak...
A FTP file system
Offergeld extension methods and classes.
Librería de comunicaciones FTP, FTPs y FTPes
Librería de acceso a sistemas FTP, FTPs, FTPes y SFTP
ftp (ftps) 操作
Collection of low-level HTTP and FTP file transfer tools, this package for .Net 3.5 If you don't need to support .Net 3.5, use the normal Shift-It package
Download manager supporting segmented downloading with pause and resume. SegmentDownloader.Protocol package is required if you aren't implementing your own IProtocolProvider.
Cake.FtpDeploy addin
Network utilities.
FTP and FTPS (using AlexPilotti.FTPS) Advanced Functions
FtpWorks is a .NET FTP wrapper. It allows you to transfer files from and to your application using FTP protocol. Example: FtpWorks.Ftp.GetFilesList("server", "login", "password", "ftpFolder");
Explorer like WPF control useable for FTP, MTP, ADB etc. with drag and drop to the Windows Explorer.