Top 20 NuGet fsharp Packages

An elmish wrapper around Miguel de Icaza's 'Gui.cs' including a fable like view DSL.
F# DSL and runtime for Apache Storm topologies
F# Event Store API definition (for storage provider specific implementations check CosmoStore.* packages)
F# Event Store for Azure Table Storage
The F# Azure Storage Type Provider allows simple access to Blob, Table and Queue assets, using Azure Storage metadata to intelligently infer schema where possible, whilst providing a simple API for common tasks.
F# templating library with simple syntax designed for smooth work with F# types
A framework for automating a lot of xRM development processses. By using simple F# script commands/files one can save a lot of time and effort during this process by using Delegates DAXIF# library.
Fable: F# to JS Compiler
Parse excel file with combinator
Built-in, generic middlewares for FSharp.Data.GraphQL.Server Executor
FSharp library which implements state, async state, and random monads.
The integration between Falanx and .NET Sdk projects
Client part of Elmish.Bridge for Fabulous
A library for easily making Http requests in Fable projects.
Package Description
Example projects with Falanx
二进制序列化工具 (F# 类型扩展); Binary serializer (extensions for F#)
Composable high performance event sourcing componentry
TDMS support for F# and C#
Dap Remote common server libs