Top 20 NuGet formula Packages

Rendering interface for CSharpMath using the Typography library.
The base code for a What You See Is What You Get math editor.
A parser for Excel formulas
Fast and easy mathematical evaluation without endless string parsing! Parses string formula once and uses its object sequence in each evaluation. Moreover, provides user defined functions and variables. From v2.0 it can evaluate string, DateTime, etc...
Installs the assemblies required for InfragisticsWPF.Controls.Interactions.XamFormulaEditor.dll
This library help computing any mathematical formula/expression
Xamarin.Android bindings for Aghajari's AXGraphView, creates zoomable and scrollable graphs based on function or custom draw.
Jace.NET is a high performance calculation engine for the .NET platform that can dynamically parse, interprete and execute strings containing mathematical functions. Jace.NET is available for the various .NET flavors: .NET, .NET Core, WinRT, Xamarin.Android and Xamarin.IOS.
The Avalonia front end for CSharpMath.
Can convert CSharpMath.Atom.MathList parsed from LaTeX with CSharpMath.Atom.LaTeXParser into actual mathematical expressions that are evaluatable with AngouriMath. Supports arithmetic, trigonometry, symbolic simplification and expansion, as well as matrices, sets, and equation solv...
GrapeCity Spread.Services for .NET is a new small-footprint high-performance spreadsheet component that can be used in your server or desktop applications. It gives developers a comprehensive API to quickly create, manipulate, convert, and share Microsoft Excel-compatible spreadsheets. Plus, you can...
Library to listen and parse F1 2020 UDP telemetry events.
.NET library for rendering mathematical formulae using the LaTeX typsetting style, for the WPF framework.
Calculate Areas of Geometric Shapes
Powerful and lightweight open source .NET spreadsheet component. Compatible with Excel 2007 format or later. Simple APIs to open/edit/save/print an Excel spreadsheet in the .NET application.
Formula.Core Power Tools - Shared set of tools to be used as a base dependency for all FormlaCoder applications. Some of the tools include: Configuration, Logging, Dependency Injection, Serialization, Security, Diagnostics and several general Utilities to make everyday development quicker and more p...
Formula.Cache Multi Level Cache - Pluggable Multi Level Cache that can easily be extended by writing a simple plugin to facilitate new caching techniques. NOTE: THESE TOOLS ARE USED INTERNALLY FOR FORMULA.CODER DEVELOPMENT AND NOT TESTED ON OTHER FRAMEWORKS OR VERSIONS.
The iOS front end for CSharpMath.