Top 20 NuGet formatting Packages

Generate ToString method from public properties.
Standard Web Applications .NET Utilities
NW.MarkdownTables is a .NET Standard 2.0 library written in `C#` to create Markdown tables out of the provided objects. It makes very easy to format objects in tabular format while logging and to create examples for the documentation of the project while developing it.
The core project of Visual F# Power Tools includes IDE-agnostic features intended to be used in different F# IDEs and editors.
Contains the RichTextBlockFormatter, for rendering the Colorized Code to a RichTextBlock.
Collection of utility classes migrated to NET Standard 2.0 from BOG.Framework
General purpose Roslyn-based static code analysis rules for C#. While not intended to be an exact replacement for StyleCop, many of the individual diagnostics are similar to StyleCop rules.
Contains the HtmlFormatter, and the HtmlClassFormatter, for rendering Html from the Colorized Code.
The package is a collection of libraries that can be used for literate programming with F# (great for building documentation) and for generating library documentation from inline code comments. The key components are Markdown parser, tools for formatting F# code snippets, including...
This library represents an alternative to 'String.Format()', but with template support.
This analyzer organizes ctor/method parameters, so every parameter is declared on its own line.
Object text tokens is a library that allows you to do text templating within your .net objects. Use it to provide simple text templating within your application.
A F# implementation that uses the Markdown parser from FSharp.Formatting and formats the output into PDF using PdfSharp-MigraDoc.
The Core Library, containing the Parser, and the classes to create your own formatter.
A collection of extension methods for better string representations (e.g. IEnumerable and specializations for IList, ISet and IDictionary, TimeSpan).
A javascript library for formatting and manipulating numbers. Package issues? Pleae post them here
A portable text and binary serialization library for flat POCOs
A fast, lightweight, cross-platform serialisation tool with support for safe contract evolution.
XText allows you to easily create a text based layout simply in code, including Paragraphs, inlines, formatting etc. Also gives the ability to conditionally writing out elements