Top 20 NuGet formatter Packages

This Owin middleware helps with serializing and formating JSON results from ASP.NET web API Hosted within OWIN server or self hosted OWIN Web API. There is also support for ASP.NET Web API without OWIN from v1.0.2.
This is Customized json formatter to searialize ojects
This is Customized json formatter to searialize ojects
A general purpose, cross-platform binary/text serialization library.
ZeroFormatter extensions for F#
Small lib without external dependencies to help build Partial Response in API's. Contains classes for generating partial response specification and formatting object according to specification.
SpanJson extensions for F#
GraphQl Extensions. Contains Xlsx output formatter, csv output formatter
Remove whitespace and cruft from source code, maing it easier to read and absorb.
This library provides classes as well as interfaces to be used to convert numbers into their capacity representation.
This library adds support for LanguageExt types to MessagePack C#.
Contains an implementation of IDataFormatter for Json.NET
SuperMassive is a small condensed framework of reusable .NET components and utility classes. It's your supermassive .NET swiss army knife.
Formatter for .NET and Mono stack traces.
Format json into ascii tables, csv, etc.