Top 20 NuGet folder Packages

FileUltimate is an ASP.NET File Manager and Uploader which supports ASP.NET Core 5.0+, ASP.NET Core 2.1+, ASP.NET MVC 3.0+ and ASP.NET WebForms 4.7.2+ web applications/web sites. Integrate a file manager into your ASP.NET application or site rapidly. - Browse and manage files with access control. ...
This client library enables working with the Local FileSystem Blob service for storing binary/blob/object data. A very simple Wrapper for the Local FileSystem to handle directory instantiations. A library to abstract storing files to Local FileSystem. Wrapper library is just written for the...
Extensibility APIs for Open Folder and lightweight Solution load in Visual Studio.
Demo console program library for PigObjFsLib.
Misc. logic related to files and IO.
Library to easily use dialogs from a View Model in Mahapps.Metro applications.
A library that can support multiple .net frameworks, and its interface is similar to Microsoft Scripting Runtime of VB6.
.NET library for retrieving and changing all special Windows folder paths.
Provides Win32 API methods and common components shared by ShellBrowser.NET and ShellBrowser.WPF components. This is the trial of a commercial product. To acquire a full license please visit For help and support, visit
Set of IO related .NET utility classes.
Provides a simple graphical, recursive view on a folder and the files stored in this directory.
File system abstraction focusing on testability and high-level features.
Provides a WPF/MVVM folder browser tree view control to displays and browse folders in the Windows file system.
Reliable cross-platform strongly-typed file/directory path manipulation and file system access.
A .NET CLI tool for creating and managing projects in a folder structure suitable for Hexagonal Architecture and Microservices. Is similar to how Angular CLI tool uses commands to create components, modules, services, etc.
FolderBrowserEx is a library to use the Windows Vista/7 Folder Browser in your .NET Framework and .NET Core Applications.
Contains many exception classes for common basic errors. Clear messages, concise syntax, strongly-typed, good performance. Generates messages like "myParent.MyChildren[0].MyProperty is null.", "height of 2 is less than 10.", "Customer with key { customerNumber = 1234, customerType = Subscriber } not...
CsvReader FileLock PathParser SafeFileOverwriter GetNumberedFilePath StreamToBytes BytesToStream StreamToString StringToStream StringToBytes BytesToString ReadStruct WriteStruct ClearFolder ClearFolderRecursive GetFolderSize GetFolderSizeRecursive CountFilesRecursive IsFolder IsFile FolderIsEmpty Is...
Command line tool that sync files and folders recursively