Top 20 NuGet flow Packages

A library for making and composing asynchronous promises in JavaScript.
A XrmToolBox tool to create Visio diagram of your Power Automate Flows that are within your CDS
Trimble Identity OpenId Connect Client helps you authenticate users via Trimble Identity and store user tokens. The library is cross-platform, so once you learn it on iOS, you're all set on Android.
NetLedger is a simple, self-contained ledgering library for adding debits and credits, checking balances, and performing commits on pending entries. NetLedger is self-contained and uses Sqlite; should you need a version using an external database, please contact us.
This NuGet package includes the required files to create an ASP.NET (Core) web application with support for the TX Text Control document viewer. With this component, document viewing, annotation and form filling features can be integrated into web applications. In case this package is installed fro...
A xrmtoolbox plugin for Dynamic365 Customer engagement to create new cloud powerautomate workflows using common/shared data service connectors and add it to selected crm solution. Also flow created are subject to crm solution only not [MYFlows].Please note this tool works only with only oauth and ce...
FormFlow implemention for v4 of the Bot Builder .NET SDK
Stock Indicators for .NET. Transform financial market price quotes into technical analysis indicators such as MACD, Stochastic RSI, Average True Range, Parabolic SAR, etc. Nothing more.
Package Description
Flow orchestration framework for .NET applications
WikiClientLibrary.Flow is a .NET Standard & asynchronous client library for MediaWiki sites with Structured Discussions (aka. Flow) support.
A library to display nice flow graphs in WPF.
everymessage Workflow Server Client
Package for creating flow WebApi services.
QuickLearn's T-Rex Metadata Library provides attributes that can be used to decorate your API Apps' actions and models for easy consumption by the Logic Apps designer. Use this package for your API App projects.
Microsoft .NET wrapper classes for Text Control ReportingCloud. A Web (REST) API platform to generate MS Word compatible reports in the cloud.
Core package for creating flow services.
Provides the infrastructure for the definition and execution of flows. Typically used areas and classes/interfaces/services: - DefaultWorkflowProcessor, ActivityBase. - StateMachineBase. - Behaviors: ActivityBehaviorBase. Kephas Framework ...
SqlServer support for Flow Engine.